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About Jim Lettis

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With retirement from teaching, I now have the opportunity to travel
and share with you my passion for photography.  My recent Chinese fortune cookie read,
"You discover treasures where others see nothing unusual."

Nature, architecture, light and color all play a role in my photographic images.  Through photography, I try to capture scenes from everyday life that we all take for granted.  My hope is to show the beauty and cultural diversity that makes us unique yet binds us together.  "Slow down and observe the beauty that surrounds you."
I have purposely kept my prices low so you might share my enjoyment.

Welcome to "The Way I See It" gallery.  Enjoy!

Fine Quality prints of the following photographs are available in a multitude of sizes, suitable for mounting, matting & framing. To place an order, please follow the instructions on my "To Order" page. Please download a copy of my order form for available print sizes and pricing. Free shipping within U.S. on merchandise totals over $50.

Basque fishing boats;  One of my favorites.  I shot this image in the harbor of Elantxobe, near Bilbao.  I was so taken with the colors and simplicity, that I choose the photo for my first business card.  Perfect for the study, office or library. #008

Changing Seasons, Fall, Cave Junction, OR #002

Changing Seasons, Summer, Cave Junction, OR #001

Summer storm, Crater Lake, OR #060

Early Winter II, Cave Junction, OR #051

Early Winter I, Cave Junction, OR #050

Snowfall on the cottage;  My neighbors house during a snow storm.  The house looks so inviting, I used this photo as a Christmas card.  Could easily be used as part of your Christmas decorations. #010

Pefki, Crete, Greece;
My mother and mother-in-law both picked this photo to hang in their home. #004

Horse ranch;  The incredible beauty of this horse ranch taken on the South Island, New Zealand, just calls you to pack your bags and move there. #009

Castelmezzano, Italy;  Incredibly beautiful village clinging to the side of a mountain in southern Italy.  The jagged cliffs and rocks that surround the village barely peak through the clouds.  The beauty of this village was amazing!  I couldn't stop taking pictures. #035

The Enchanted Alley, Castellabate, Italy;  My FAVORITE PHOTO from Italy.  There is something about this image that draws the eye inward to the light.  It's hard not to want to walk through the alley and take a look around on the other side.  A 16x20 hangs in my house, and never ceases to draw positive comments. #036

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Changing Seasons, Winter, Cave Junction, OR #003

#001, 002, 003  Changing Seasons;  Beautiful images of an Oregon white oak captured in spring, fall and winter.  Would be a stunning centerpiece in any dining room, waiting room, or office.  Separately framed 11x14 or 16x20 would be best but also looks amazing as three 8x10's arranged in a single frame, either vertical or horizontal, for limited space areas.

#050,  051 Early Winter I & II;  Image of miniature rose and rose bud taken at noon on a very cold day, after the fog rolled in.  Number 050 has been made into a very popular sympathy card.  These photos display very nicely either as a pair or separately.  Would bring interest to any room.

Winter wonderland, Crater Lake, OR #062

Winter wonderland, Crater Lake, Wizard Island, OR, #063

Summer storm, Crater Lake, Wizard Island, OR #061

#060, 061, 062, 063 Crater Lake National Park, whether summer or winter, is a photographer's dream.  Number 060 is a county fair winner. The light and wind dancing on the water's surface created amazing refections.

#004, 007  Pefki and White Steps; Typical Greek white-washed house and steps in the small mountain village of Pefki, Crete.  Both look elegant matted either 11x14 or 16x20.

White steps, Pefki, Crete, Greece, #007

Photos: Pg.1 Pg.2 Pg.3 Pg.4 Home Page