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Driven by a dragon’s instinctive desire to accumulate treasure, Samantha, a white dragon, attacks and plunders Camelot. King Arthur’s famous sword, Excalibur, is among the treasure stolen. The Knights of the Round Table have been unsuccessful in their attempts to recover Excalibur or stop the dragon’s attacks. Merlin, a wizard, feels his adopted son, Will, may have a better chance of success and convinces King Arthur. Will is working as a lowly squire, but his burning desire is to become a Knight of the Round Table. This is the tale of Will’s quest. He has one chance to outwit the dragon, retrieve Excalibur, and perhaps, be knighted by the king. The story is written in verse.

the book cover to view sample verses.

The Squire and the White Dragon is available for $12.00;
Two to four copies - $11.75 ea.; Five to ten copies - $11.50 each.
Please contact the author for rates on more than 10 copies.
"Grandpa Peeps" will also be pleased to hand autograph, and write a special note
for the child receiving a book (not to exceed 20 words), at no additional charge.
Please include the requested text with your order. To place an order, go to our "To Order" page.

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